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Julies Blog
Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Brandy is a-ok, and well on her way back to normal. Well, as normal as she can know, for a Jack Russell. She's on a physio routine, and I've incoporated some agility work so that her muscles will be ready once we're back up and fully running.She even has her own "pool", which she hates, but it's definitely helping with the muscle building. I suppose I would hate it too, if I had to tread water for 20 minutes. 

I've also started a new, external blog, to give me some motivation to draw and create. You can find this new blog at I will be updating this one as per usual, but the new one will be featuring weekly, if not, daily art pieces. So please check out all my new creations and if you have any ideas that you would like to see, please feel free to comment.

Posted by animalartist2 at 7:23 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 10 February 2009 7:30 PM EST
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Thursday, 22 January 2009
We've Got Legs Ladies and Gentlemen!
Mood:  a-ok
Yes sir, we do, we've got legs, almost back in full working order. It's been a work out for me getting this little dog back into shape, but I enjoy it. She's back on the "bad" leg about 70-80% of the time, and we're growing muscle (sorry, it's not for sale). The vet says she's even further along than what was first anticipated, so I'm extremely happy about that. I've got her doing some low weight pull training, we're doing stairs (and I mean literally "WE" are doing stairs), and walking daily. It was mentioned to me that swimming is one of the best exercises possible when recovering from this type of surgery, so I thought, ah ha! Lets fill up the laundry tub and have her paddle in one place. I won't go into detail, but we'll just say that idea didn't pan out, and she ended up getting a bath instead of a swim. At least she smells good. Anyway, Brandy is well on her way to recovery, and I can not wait to see how she performs on her new appendage!

Posted by animalartist2 at 6:58 PM EST
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Saturday, 3 January 2009
Almost 4 weeks...
Mood:  a-ok

It's been almost 4 weeks (this coming Wednesday) since Brandy had her knee surgery, three of those weeks she spent with me at work (bored out of her mind). She's healing very nicely, as you can see in the images below, her incision looks fantastic and she's pretty much back to her normal, crazy self. She's using the leg about 60-70% of the time, except when she wants to go fast, and after she gets up from sleeping. But all in all, I'm pleased with how she's progressing. Re-check at the vets the week after next, her initial check with stich removal went well, and the vet said she was right where she should be in the healing process. Can't wait to have my little dog back again!!

Bran at work

Posted by animalartist2 at 10:18 AM EST
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Tuesday, 16 December 2008
Poor Leg

Well, Brandy came out of surgery just fine (whew, what a relief), and it seems like she's well on the road to recovery (Thanks to Hawkins Animal Hospital). Bit by bit, day by day, she gets a little more use out of the leg. It's still tender, however, no redness, no swelling or discolouration. The incision is nice and clean and dry.She's a tough little cookie, hasn't complained once...not like my dad and his knee, but that's another story.

I can't tell if she enjoys coming to work with me or not...I believe she's bored (and I can't say that I blame her, the excitement level in the real estate industry is pretty low right now...although there are always the "colourful characters" - and I say that with tonge in cheek -  for amusement), but she's so well behaved you'd never know I have a dog in my office. Everyone loves her there, and wants to keep her as the office mascot...fat chance of that! I think she'd quite after the first week. She's big on working and thinking, and well, mascot just doesn't entail that.

Thought I'd post some after picture of her wound. Two pictures below, once of the 2nd day after surgery and one a few days later. You can see the difference in just a couple days (even though both pictures look pretty gross the 2nd one is much better, trust me).


And, on a little less messy-medical note, just wanted to share a picture of my happy clients (my uncle and his girlfriend) with the picture of "Casey", just added to my site, a cute little dapple dachshund.



Posted by animalartist2 at 9:54 PM EST
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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Finally! Brandy has her AADC title with the last we can run some masters courses. She nailed that at an Acton Agility trial last weekend (Saturday). And how fitting for her to recieve that title now, as this week I will be taking her in for surgery on her knee. Brandy will be admitted Wednesday December 10th, out the same day, and hopefully will have a speedy recovery (fingers and toes are crossed). Hopefully I won't be a wreck when I bring her in .... though I can't see that happening.

She put up with yet another photo shoot - this one of her AACD ribbon, the results below. Man, she has a lot of patience! Poor litle dog, though she really is haming it up in these shots.


Posted by animalartist2 at 12:29 PM EST
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Tuesday, 18 November 2008
The Bees

These are the first two paintings in my new, ongoing "Bee" project - Honey Comb and Honey on Toast. This project will take place over a longer period of time, and will change direction as it progresses. The plan is to do a bunch of Bee with honey paintings, and then, move the scene into the workplace, to poke some fun at the work environment. Once in the workplace, some of these paintings will be made available through my Art & Design site, listed under "Art for the Office".  Most will be created on illustration board, but I do have plans to use canvas for some. A few of these pieces will be made available as prints, and I will provide a link of where to buy them.Please check back frequently to watch the progress of this project.




Posted by animalartist2 at 7:54 AM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 18 November 2008 8:09 AM EST
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Saturday, 1 November 2008
New Family Member
Mood:  cheeky

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our household - Mr. Blue Bar Panther Chameleon. He's a few months old and hubby aquired him last weekend at a reptile expo out in St. Jacobs. He's extremely friendly and he likes to be out on you - he's a shoulder man - the higher he can get to the better.

So, hopefully I will be able to create some artwork of this little guy (who won't stay little for long). He was a good sport about the photo session too...very photogenic, just like Brandy.



Posted by animalartist2 at 2:36 PM EDT
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Sunday, 19 October 2008
Fall - It's Pretty and a great time for photos

Fall has to be, hands down, the most beautiful season. The colours, the wildlife, the changes, everything about it makes me want to be outside in it, taking it all in, enjoying every moment. And there is no better time of year for some canine portrait photography in the leaves. Between drawing and house cleaning, Brandy and I took a leisurely stroll through Lowville today, enjoying the weather and the scenery. After walking for a little, I found a tree at the far east corner of the park that perfectlty suited some outdoor fall photos. So, below is the result of us enjoying the season. Well, perhaps Brandy is enjoying the season, but not so much the photography - it's the whole stay-in-one-spot idea and don't move even though there is 10 million more interesting things for you to do. You can tell by her face in some of the shots, she doesn't always hide displeasure very well - but she's a good sport!

I hope everyone is able to enjoy this great weather that we're having in this beautiful season. 

Posted by animalartist2 at 3:05 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 19 October 2008 3:16 PM EDT
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Thursday, 16 October 2008
I've Finally Got it!

After weeks of trying to remember to bring a camera with me when going to the in-laws, I've finally got a photo of the notorious "Poppies".  And without further ado, I present, the completed Poppies:

I hope that everyone enjoyed a great Thanksgiving - what a beautiful weekend for it - the conservation areas were packed, and rightfully so, as everyone was getting out to enjoy the gorgeous weather.

Things are very busy here with a multitude of commissions that I am currently working on. I Should have the time to get out to a trial or two with the little dog before the holiday season though - I will keep you posted.  



Posted by animalartist2 at 7:57 AM EDT
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Sunday, 28 September 2008
Busy Weekend!
Mood:  a-ok

Well, today is the day that I launch the new site. Everything should be in order and running smoothly, but if there are any glitches, they will be ironed out as I find them.

"Art at the Pawsway" was great - I got to meet a lot of other great artists, and it was my first time visiting the Pawsway. What a great concept - the building is owned by Purina, the first of it's kind in North America and has a ton of potential to come along way in the pet industry. The Hall of Fame is something that should be seen, the staff is wonderful and the location is superb. It was, however, raining on Saturday, so the traffic was a little slow, but as I mentioned, it has so much potential for the future, I will definitly be back!


And today, being Sunday, was agility day at the JRTCC Nationals. Brandy did amazing for me in all of her runs, and I am extremely pleased at how she handled herself, and how I handled myself (LOL - thank God it wasn't like last weekend!). She attained a first place in all of the events that she was entered in - Standard, Jumpers, Gamble and Tunnelers. What a little dog - I couldn't be happier! I had my eye on the big Agility Champion and Agility Reserve ribbons, alas it was not to be (?). But the little dog really showed me her stuff, and man, she's still got it!! Very proud mom here!  

Posted by animalartist2 at 8:21 PM EDT
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