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I'm an artist. There, the confession has been made. The first step is always admitting you have a problem, right? But my problem is an awesome one. I enjoy art ... wait, let me re-phrase that. I LOVE creating art, and more so, I love creating art for others to enjoy, be it a small cartoon, a large acrylic painting or a beloved pet portrait commemorating a lost loved one. I love to make people smile, laugh, think and possibly shed a few tears (of joy only please).

My specialty is pet portraits (dogs are a favorite, but any animals are welcome), however I am also know to create a piece or two that involves wildlife, food, nature or just something random that pops into my head.

My commissioned pet portraits are available in digital format. All portraits, no matter the style, are hand drawn and painted in a digital format. My main goal though is to portray a feeling through my art (even if it's hunger, as long as there is a feeling).
                                                                                                                                               ~ Julie Deans, Artist